Will Smith plays Nicky Barnes in the new crime drama ‘The Council’

Smith produced "Fresh Prince

Will Smith is Nicky Barnes, the New York crime boss, in Netflix’s new film The Council. The Council stars Smith as Nicky Barnes, the notorious Harlem crime boss known for trafficking heroin. After a stint in prison, Barnes joins forces with seven Black men in the drug trade calling themselves The Council. The Council is the never-before-told […]

Pulling a Michael Flynn: The biggest Black snitches of all time

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve heard the “stop snitching” phrase. But it has recently been given new life with the revelations that former national security adviser Michael Flynn was now willing to testify about the Trump team’s dealings with Russia—but only if immunity was offered in exchange for his testimony. The implications here […]

Shots fired: Shyne calls out Diddy on Instagram

Some people just can’t let go of old grudges. Shyne just may be one of those people. Though he has found a new religious path to walk, it seems he still harbors resentment towards his old boss, Diddy (or Puff Daddy or whatever moniker he’s going by this week). As a promo for his upcoming […]