Funeral home owner Sharon Graddy keeps family legacy alive

The Black funeral home business has always been an important institution in the community. There was a time when Blacks were refused the services of a White-owned funeral home because of racial prejudice. This gave the Black mortician an important role in the now multibillion-dollar industry and spawned many wealthy morticians. One funeral home in particular that […]

Kindergarteners get ‘busy’ while teacher was busy

A teacher in New Jersey now faces termination because she did not keep a careful eye on her class. Two kindergartners, found in the bathroom naked and having sex. Kelly Mascio, 43, is a teacher at Mullica Township Elementary School where the incident took place. The naked pupils, a boy and girl, were asked “What were they […]

Openly Gay Black Republican Mayor Nominated for New Jersey Supreme Court

Gov. Chris Christie today nominated an openly gay African-American Republican mayor to the state’s highest court.   Mayor Bruce Harris is 60.   Harris graduated magna cum laude from Amherst College, and with honors from Boston University Graduate School of Management. He earned a law degree from Yale. In addition to serving as mayor of Chatham, he […]