Bill Cosby has no remorse and claims to have been set up by ‘imposters’

Comic legend Bill Cosby conducted a scorched-earth policy in his first interview since being imprisoned at SCI Phoenix, a maximum-security Pennsylvania penitentiary near Philadelphia. Cosby, 82, told the National Newspaper Publishers Association’s that he has no “remorse” and was “set up” by “imposters” in order to secure a guilty verdict. He is currently serving […]

Bill Cosby has no remorse, considers himself ‘political prisoner’ like Dr. King

Some detractors may be wondering what they are sprinkling on Bill Cosby‘s prison meals. Not only did the legendary comedian characterize his cramped quarters behind bars as an “amazing experience,” but he also said he is absent of remorse and calls himself a “political prisoner,” like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The toppled TV titan, […]