What Mitt Romney Really Thinks About You; Private Thoughts Go Public

So, this is how Mitt Romney really thinks of half the country? The Republican presidential candidate believes that almost 50 percent of Americans need to be written off because they are lazy, act like victims, don’t take responsibility for their lives, don’t pay their taxes and are not worth his time and effort to reach […]

Obama Edges Romney in Fundraising for August

After being routed by Mitt Romney and the Republican Party in fundraising for three consecutive months, President Obama edged out his GOP rival with a sharp increase in August, the media reports. Obama raised more than $114 million in August, the Associated Press states, while Romney took in a little more than $111 million, which […]

President Obama Wins Acceptance Speech Ratings War Against Romney

It’s been a good September thus far for President Obama that included a subtle victory over GOP rival Romney in the acceptance speech ratings war. First, the U.S. Department of Labor reported a jobs increase and decreased unemployment, albeit very modest changes that were below expert projections. Secondly, Obama’s approval rating is now at 52 […]

NBA Stars Contribute to Obama’s Record-Breaking Victory Fund Campaign

Former and current superstars players of the National Basketball Association have a lot of time on their hands — you know, with the lockout and all — so some of them are actively working with and/or fundraising for President Obama’s reelection campaign. Former All-Pros Grant Hill and Patrick Ewing and former star guard-turned-superstar coach Doc Rivers […]