Nicki Minaj to be the focus of ‘raw, unfiltered’ docuseries on HBO Max (video)

Nicki Minaj is to have her own docuseries. The “Superbass” hitmaker has confirmed she will be releasing a new documentary series on HBO Max, which she promises will give a “raw, unfiltered look” at both her personal life and professional life. In a video posted on Twitter, she said: “What’s up, y’all? It’s Onika Tanya […]

Top 10 female celebs who wear the best eye lashes

False eye lashes are nothing new. Almost every female celeb wears them — some to subtly fill in their own lashes and others for a dramatic look. Check out our top 10 celebs who wear the best false eyelashes. Did we miss anyone? –Joi Pearson @JoiAPearson Above, Beyonce swears by her mink lashes. She uses strips by […]