Kerry Washington slams ‘AdWeek’ over photoshopped cover

Kerry Washington blasts Adweek magazine for photoshopping her latest cover shoot. “You know me. I’m not one to be quiet about a magazine cover,” the “Scandal” actress began in an Instagram post on Tuesday, April 5, discussing the recent issue. She went on to say it “felt strange” to see herself grace the cover, as […]

Photoshop jobs on beautiful celebrities

It seems as if the most beautiful celebrities are subject to horrible Photoshop jobs. Curvaceous stars like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian have been heavily scrutinized for their poorly edited Instagram photos and magazine covers that alter their looks at a whim. While a few stars have spoken out against the extreme editing of their bodies, […]

10 of the worst celebrity photoshopped images ever

Every year, women spend thousands of dollars in efforts to achieve a movie star appearance. But who needs a drawer stocked full of pricey products, when with just a few clicks of a mouse and Adobe Photoshop, you can achieve a Victoria’s Secret body and an eternally fresh face? Unfortunately, like many beauty-enhancing treatments, not […]

The most airbrushed celebrities

Many celebrities appear in magazines and periodicals looking flawless, however, not all of those perfect curves and faces are natural. The art of airbrush does wonders for the aging process , the extra weight gained, as well as,those small imperfections we all have. Combine plastic surgery and the magic of airbrush and you have the picture-perfect […]

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