To kick or not to kick? That is the NFL question

nfl football

It was definitely an interesting week four in the NFL, especially for the kickers. Now that the NFL has moved back the kicking spot for the extra point, NFL kickers are struggling every week. Heading into Sunday, NFL kickers have missed a grand total of 27 field goals. This includes the crucial field goal misses in the Baltimore Ravens […]

Jen Heasley is ‘Cooking with the Pros’

Jen Heasley’s “Cooking with the Pros” a show that combines her passions, sports and food. She opens up about how she began and offers advice to up and coming entrepreneurs below. –Joi Pearson How did you get into cooking? My parents were very holistic people; they were big on being self-sustaining. We had a very large garden and […]

Myron Rolle leaves the NFL for medical school

Who gives up a million dollar job as an NFL player for medical school? Myron Rolle The former Rhodes Scholar who played for Florida State University, moved on to play in the NFL. He gave  up the NFL career to pursue a medical degree. He will begin classes in a few months. Rolle wasn’t a star in […]

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