Judge tells young man he will be ‘raped every day’ in prison

One New Mexico judge recently scared a young thief straight by telling him the sad truth about prison rape and abuse. Twenty-year-old Isaiah Gay was standing before the judge Tuesday, awaiting his sentencing for committing several burglaries 2 years ago, when Bernalillo County District Court Judge Christina Argyres asked him what he thought could happen […]

The problem with Dr. Ben Carson’s faulty reasoning

Dr.  Ben Carson has become a viable a candidate for the Republican nomination for president. There can be no denying that the man is a brilliant neurosurgeon, as depicted in the book, Gifted Hands, and a movie. Carson gained fame also for being the first doctor to separate twins joined at the head who both […]

The struggle of transgender inmate Ashley Diamond

[jwplatform mHfqeYNs] Ashley Diamond was a transgender inmate in Georgia. She was recently released after filing a lawsuit over her rape, torture and neglect while in prison. Hear in her own words her struggle from a smuggled video.

Georgia releases transgender inmate Ashley Diamond after rape and torture

The struggle of being a transgender inmate in a Georgia correctional facility is something few can understand. For Ashley Diamond it was a living nightmare that included multiple rapes, mental torture and medical neglect. Diamond was sentenced to serve 11 years for non-violent crimes that included theft, obstruction and escape convictions. During this time period […]

Why parents should tell kids about the ‘Booty Warrior’

The shocking story of Fleece Johnson, known as the “Booty Warrior,” is a cautionary tale that may deter some kids from criminal behavior. Johnson has been an inmate at Kentucky State Penitentiary since 1979 and by all accounts he was a terror to his fellow inmates. During a segment on the TV show “Lockup,” Johnson […]

5 facts about Fleece Johnson, aka ‘Booty Warrior’

News of the upcoming release of Fleece Johnson, known as the “Booty Warrior,” in September has caught the attention of social media. Many are asking how a man who admitted on camera that he raped multiple male inmates while in prison can be paroled. Here are a few facts about inmate Jerome Fleece Johnson that are […]

Prisoner known as ‘Booty Warrior’ to be released

Convicted felon Fleece Johnson, known to fellow inmates as the “Booty Warrior,” is set for release from prison soon. Johnson received notoriety for raping his fellow inmates when he appeared on the MSNBC TV show “Lockup.” During the taped interview, he explained in detail how he enjoyed “booty” and how he picked out his victims. […]