LeShonda Martin of WAGS Redefined discusses inaugural WAGCademy Conference

In 2015, LeShonda Martin found herself married to professional football player Sherrod Martin, living in a new city and searching for a sisterhood that at the time did not exist. It was then that she decided to create an organization called WAGS (which stands for Wives and Girlfriends of Sportspersons) Redefined. Her goal was to […]

Remembering Charles W. Follis: America’s 1st black professional football player

As much as African Americans love sports and watch football, it’s hard to believe that no one ever praises the first African American to ever play professional football. Known as “The Black Cyclone,” Charles W. Follis was born Feb. 3, 1879, in Cloverdale, Va. As a child, Follis’ parents moved to Wooster, Ohio. History records him […]