Sherri Shepherd clarifies questionable comments about gay community

Sherri Shepherd fell into hot water, once again, over her words this past week when, in an interview with “Fusion,” she tried to prove that she’s not homophobic and ended up taking a “love the sinner, hate the sin” stance on homosexuality. Now, after suffering a backlash over the interview, Shepherd recently clarified her comments […]

50 Cent to mentor transgender boy on new TV show

Rapper 50 Cent has never had a great relationship with the LGBT community thanks to some cringe-worthy lyrics and remarks he’s made about gays and lesbians as well as popular gay blogger Perez Hilton. According to 50 Cent, he’s never been homophobic and now he’s going the extra mile to prove it as he gears up […]

Former homophobe Tim Hardaway advocates same-sex marriage in Florida

Years before the sports world began its recent shift towards embracing LGBT athletes, former NBA star Tim Hardaway blasted the gay community in a 2007 interview, saying that he hates gay people. But today, it seems like Hardaway has had a change of heart and mind. He recently advocated legalizing same-sex marriage in Florida. According […]

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