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accepting gift

Why accepting gifts can lead to cheating

Accepting gifts is often seen as a kind gesture, a way to show appreciation or affection. However, in the context of relationships, this seemingly harmless


5 reasons to freeze eggs before 35

The biological clock – a phrase often whispered with a hint of urgency as women approach their mid-thirties. Fertility naturally declines with age, and the


Why some women feel empowered by having random sex

Sexuality is a powerful force that shapes women’s lives. From navigating societal expectations to exploring personal desires, our relationship with intimacy evolves throughout our journeys.


Why therapy is important for rape victims

Rape is a devastating violation that can leave lasting emotional and psychological scars. In the aftermath of such a traumatic experience, it’s essential to seek


5 reasons men manipulate women

Mental manipulation is a pervasive issue that can occur in any relationship. While it can affect people of all genders, women are often targeted by

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