Soulja Boy slams Ye despite his apology

Soulja Boy is still steaming from the public diss that Ye handed him last week regarding Soulja’s rejected contribution to the Donda album. Big Draco had been commissioned by Ye to drop a verse for the track “Remote Control,” but Soulja’s work did not make the final cut. Soulja was offended and embarrassed at having […]

Soulja Boy goes off on Ye after he said his verse was not good (videos)

Kanye West lit the fuse to Soulja Boy’s flammable temper when he publically declared that Soulja’s verse given to him for the Donda album was not good. Kanye, 44, who legally changed his name to Ye, outlined on the “Drink Champs” podcast the reasons why he rejected Soulja’s contribution to the “Remote Control” song on […]