Donald Trump blasted by Chuck Todd on ‘Meet the Press’

[jwplatform BEQT3yH9] Donald Trump has been getting bashed in the media lately. This is mostly due to his own words and actions over controversial issues. The latest journalist to take Trump to task is Chuck Todd of NBC’s “Meet the Press.” During this past weekend’s show, he challenged Trump on his various statements and outright […]

Are Ben Carson and Kanye West mutual fans of one another?

In unlikey bromance news: it looks like Kanye West’s admiration for Dr. Ben Carson is a mutual feeling shared by the retired neurosurgeon turned Republican presidential candidate. In a recent Vanity Fair interview, the “All Day” rapper beamed with enthusiasm as he recalled his efforts to make contact after being impressed with a speech given by Carson. […]

Mitt Romney Pays Lower Tax Rates Than Average Americans, Fueling Debate

Mitt Romney appears to suffer his second major set back in two days after his just-released tax records showed that he pays lower tax rates than most wage-earning Americans. The documents also reveal a man of vast wealth with private holdings in the Cayman Islands and boasting a Swiss bank account. The tax rates Romney […]