Mechel Miller discusses her experience living with HIV

HIV survivor Mechel Miller is grateful the country progressed markedly from 30 years ago when rampant misinformation, fear-mongering and ignorance prevailed, leading people to believe they could contract AIDS from merely touching someone or breathing the same air. The country was put on the fast track in terms of HIV and AIDS education, research and […]

Spike Lee teams with cryptocurrency company for national ad campaign

Spike Lee Coin Cloud

Spike Lee is teaming up with Coin Cloud to educate the masses on the power of cryptocurrency. Coin Cloud, the largest and fastest-growing digital currency machine (DCM) operator globally, will introduce a national ad campaign and a short film directed by prolific Oscar-winning filmmaker Spike Lee. The piece makes a bold but straightforward statement: Old […]

7 inventions by Black doctors that save White lives every day

There is more to history than being the first to do or achieve something. Unfortunately, many see the study of Black and African history in this myopic manner. To know about the influence of Blacks in the field of medicine, one needs to know more than the fact that James McCune Smith (1813–1865) was born […]

‘National Crown Day’ 2021 is Black Hair Independence Day, so be proud

The CROWN Act was created in 2019 by Dove and the CROWN Coalition out of a need to celebrate natural Black hair in the workplace and schools. In partnership with then State Senator Holly J. Mitchell of California, the act was created to ensure protection against discrimination based on race-based hairstyles by extending statutory protection to […]

The world’s 1st all-civilian mission to Space to benefit St. Jude

St. Jude Children’s Research hospital is joining the world’s first all-civilian mission to space – Inspiration4 – thanks to a partnership with tech entrepreneur and pilot Jared Isaacman. Plans for the mission were recently announced from SpaceX’s headquarters in Hawthorne, CA. The mission is being targeted for the fourth quarter of this year and will be commanded by Jared […]

Happy birthday, Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett

It’s a REAL ONE’s birthday… On this day, I would like to honor another QUEEN… Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett! Dr. Corbett is the genius behind the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.  Yes, a Black woman (you’re welcome world), from Hurdle Mills, North Carolina, was at the helm of this life-saving vaccine. Dr. Corbett graduated from the University of North Carolina […]

Tech entrepreneur Anthara Patrice creates beauty appointment app

As a third-generation entrepreneur, Anthara Patrice knows how to run a successful business. Patrice is a tech innovator who is shaking up the beauty industry with her new app — MyBeautyFill — created to connect consumers to the best in beauty products and services. Coming from a successful family salon enterprise in Dallas, the influencer, […]

How Rihanna is raising money for breast cancer research

Rihanna is raising money for breast cancer with a limited edition of her Savage X Fenty collection. The 31-year-old pop star has decided to release a Savage X Thrivers Xtra VIP Box for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the month of October, in the hope of raising money for the Clara Lionel Fund — which she […]

There’s never been a better time for parents to focus on the quality of schools

When you’re a parent thinking about what’s best for your child, I can only imagine the fear and anger one must have when watching the conversation happening between the Atlanta Board of Education and the current superintendent. After you shed yourself of those concerns, what you should realize more than ever before, is that it’s […]

Morehouse Healthcare creates better outcomes for underserved communities

Morehouse Healthcare in Atlanta is a multi-specialty medical practice and one of Georgia’s premier primary care facilities. Founded in 1985, it began as Morehouse Medical Associates Inc. but later changed its name to Morehouse Healthcare. With more than 100 full-time practicing physicians who also serve on the clinical faculty at the prestigious Morehouse School of […]

Edwin Blount-Worthington uses facts to dispel myths about HIV

As a research coordinator and community health educator at Emory Ponce Clinical Research Site in Atlanta, Edwin Blount-Worthington always makes it his priority to bring awareness to HIV prevention and sexual health. He recently sat down with rolling out to have a candid conversation about HIV and its impact on the Black community. How often should […]

Temple University team eliminates HIV virus from human cells

  A groundbreaking discovery in HIV research has been announced by Temple University School of Medicine. A team of researchers have designed a way to eliminate the HIV-1 virus from human cells. “This is one important step on the path toward a permanent cure for AIDS…It’s an exciting discovery, but it’s not yet ready to go […]

New research on herpes drugs and treatment

Researchers may not have their hands on a cure for herpes quite yet, but one specific molecule has researchers wondering if it is strong enough to fight off the virus. Curtin University scientists designed a study to target potential drugs for the herpes simplex virus. “The main problem is the drugs are not working well […]