Richard Wingo - 2nd Instagram Cover Last week, news broke that Jagged Edge singer Kyle Norman was arrested after being accused of attacking his fiancée, and now his group mates have weighed in on the matter and it seems they’re not happy about the scandal. As reported previously, the incident happened last Thursday morning when Norman’s girlfriend told police that he threatened to kill her, and then began punching her and choking her with a scarf. Norman’s attack was so intense that he allegedly tried to force her engagement ring down her throat. According to, on Friday, Wingo posted a messaged on Instagram chastising Norman for beating his fiancée. “In any team or group situation it takes multiple individuals to make a team. We the members of jagged edge are a team yes, but in no way does Jagged edge agree with nor condone the actions of our brother Kyle Norman. Kyle is sick he has a substance abuse problem and has had it for a number of years we are now seeking to get Kyle the help he so desperately needs. Brian and Brandon Casey along with our other founding member Richard Wingo will continue to Carry the jagged edge projects forward with Mr. Norman for the foreseeable future! We ask that everyone pray for Kyle and his fiancee during this very tough time, thank you all,” read the message. However, Wingo later deleted the message and then posted an image of Jagged Edge with the message that Jagged Edge would remain intact and weather the storm of Norman’s controversy together. “We gone be good yall! My bro will get right, and we will move as a unit! Thanks for all the Love and all the prayers! Shall we proceed, oh yes we will! Came in as four gonna leave this game as 4!,” he captioned the photo. Richard Wingo - JE Instagram Photo But Wingo’s not the only one in JE who publicly commented on the attack. Read what Brian Casey had to say on the matter after the cut.

Jagged Edge rocked the stage at the 20th Essence Festival in New Orleans this past weekend. With