Rihanna criticized for poking fun at #PromBat teen

Rihanna’s #PromBat Twitter jokes cause criticism A girl who was the butt of jokes for several days because of her bat-like prom outfit is calling out Rihanna for cyber bullying. As previously reported Twitter swarmed with memes and gibes about user @Lexxy__Charms‘ 2014 prom attire after she shared photos of herself wearing a low cut jumpsuit […]

Rihanna, Twitter, poke fun at #PromBat teen

#PromBat photo takes over social media A photo of a teen attending the prom in a caped crusader-style outfit sparked memes and jokes from creative Twitter users and even singer Rihanna. Late Thursday a photo began circulating online from @Lexxy_Charms showing off her unique high school dance attire; a low cut jumpsuit with sleeves attached […]

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