Michael B. Jordan changing rum name after cultural appropriation claims

Michael B. Jordan is renaming his rum label following allegations of cultural appropriation. The Black Panther star has responded to the backlash after he filed to trademark the word “J’Ouvert” — which is rooted in Caribbean and Trinbagonian culture — for his alcohol brand. The term — which is derived from the French “jour ouvert,” […]

14 Parish Restaurant & Rhum Bar brings Caribbean food to Chicago’s South Side

Racquel Fields is a self-described snotty-nosed kid from the South Side of Chicago. She has taken the nurturing she received from adults as a teen working for After-School Matters and used it to help her build a successful business. Fields and her former partner, Tim Bradshaw, created 14 Parish, a Caribbean style restaurant, in 2016. […]

Jamaica celebrated 53 years of independence; celebrities of Jamaican heritage

Aug. 6, marked the 53rd anniversary that Jamaica declared its independence from the United Kingdom. This Caribbean island is arguably one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Universally known for its exquisite rum, delicious cuisine and timeless music, this Patois nation is also home to some of history’s greatest artists, philosophers and atheletes. There’s a common […]

ID’s please! Top 5 flavored spirits lounge

Vodka is arguably the leading spirit in the U.S. According to the Distilled Spirits Council, revenues total more than $5 billion and flavored vodkas account for 20 percent of sales. In fact, leading distilleries and distributors work tirelessly to unseat vodka as the leader among cocktail and liquor lovers with its perennial list of new […]

Super Bowl Tastemakers Make the Big Party Plays

The Super Bowl is either the last major party of the winter season or the first great party of the new year — it’s just a matter of perspective, like if you’re a Giants or a Patriots fan. Either way the key word here is “party.” And the key to any great party is great […]

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