Blac Chris talks about his music and Backwoods’ 16 Bars Showcase

San Jose, California, native Blac Chris was one of five winners of the 16 Bars Showcase by Smokehouse Social. The competition featured emcees from across the nation who posted their freestyle raps on Instagram. Chris recently spoke with rolling out to speak on his musical journey and what fans can look forward to in 2017. […]

Gunfire erupts at Chris Brown show in California

For the second time in five months, a Chris Brown club appearance has been interrupted by gunfire. The latest incident happened Jan. 11 at the Fiesta nightclub’s “Capricorn Bash” in San Jose, California. As can be seen in a number of Instagram and Vine posts currently making the rounds on the internet, Brown was in the middle of […]

Google interns earn $6,000 a month and live rent free

Google’s 2o-something interns are living the life of luxury and are partying. The comedy, The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, gave us a birds-eye view of Google’s campus and a loose depiction of life as an intern with the tech giant.

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