Financial wiz Sean LeDree is reinvesting in his community with his own app

Sean LeDree is the CEO and mastermind behind Loop Investing Technologies. Loop is a financial technology company focused on making financial services more efficient for underbanked communities. LeDree grew up on the South Side of Chicago in the Roseland community and is passionate about educating his own as a way of giving back. He has […]

5 simple ways to invest in your future

No matter how much or how little money you earn, investing for the future is critical. Most finance experts suggest putting at least 10-15 percent of your take-home income into savings each month; however, that is not realistic for everyone. Living within a budget and investing will help you prepare for your future and retirement. Check out a few of the simplest ways […]

Joel Page on legacy and the family business

Joel Page is a sales expert at Page After Page Business Systems Inc., a leader in the copier equipment industry. Here, he shares why the family business still thrives two decades later. Tell us about your education, company services and current job description.  Currently, I’m in school accomplishing my computer engineering degree at George Mason University. […]