Gabrielle Union to men: Throw away rubbers so women don’t keep sperm

Gabrielle Union is dispensing a lot of relationship advice lately, which strikes pop culture observers as odd considering the predicament she is in with fiancé Dwyane Wade. In a recent interview with Coco Fab, she says some pretty interesting things about the show and gives some rather frank advice to men as well. When asked if […]

Twitter mocks Gabrielle Union for ‘blaming’ herself for D-Wade’s love child

Gabrielle Union got the business from Twitter after the “Being Mary Jane” actress gave an explanation for the temporary break in her relationship with Dwyane Wade that seemed, in their eyes, to excuse the fact that he went out and produced a love child behind her back. In an interview with Glamour magazine, Union places […]

What Gabrielle Union learned from ‘Scandal’ audition rejection

Gabrielle Union is preparing for season two of BET’s original series “Being Mary Jane.” The actress has appeared on Essence magazines’s December issue entitled “Being Gabrielle.” Union, 41, opened up on an array of topics including the lessons she’s learned from being rejected and how Shonda Rhimes empowered her during her audition for “Scandal.” “Going […]