Floyd Mayweather disses Nelly, says Miss Jackson faked having a miscarriage

Floyd Mayweather disses Nelly, Miss Jackson Floyd Mayweather is continuing to rant about his ex Shantel Jackson, this time alleging that the model lied about losing their twins in a miscarriage and is dating rapper Nelly for publicity. As previously reported, the boxer shocked his fans when he posted a songoram and accused her of […]

Shantel Jackson fires back at Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Shantel Jackson responds to Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s latest rant It’s been no secret that Shantel Jackson and her ex, Floyd Mayweather Jr., have had their issues;  but yesterday, Mayweather stooped to an all-time low, when he blasted Jackson for allegedly aborting their twins. On Thursday, Mayweather, most likely fueled by jealousy and reports that she and […]

Floyd Mayweather blasts ex Shantel Jackson, accuses her of aborting twins

 Floyd Mayweather says Shantel Jackson abortion broke them up Floyd Mayweather slunk to a slimy new low Thursday when the boxer reportedly posted a photo of his ex-girlfriend’s sonogram and accused her of aborting their twin babies. The boxer, who should be gearing up for a bout with Marcos Maidana Saturday,  took to Facebook to […]