Style watch: Bag of the week

Custom Order Light Buckskin Leather Fringed Bag Purse – Cascading Abalone Shell Disks Silver Beads Following a budding fringe trend, the fringe bag look is set to carry purse lovers into spring and all the way through summer. We found this cream standout on, an online artistic community where designers, artists, and retailers can […]

Toya Wright styled for the gods in Louboutin and YSL at D’USSE launch party at Vanquish

(Before heading to D’USSE launch party at Vanquish, in Atlanta, hosted by T.I., Toya posts her amazing looks on instagram) Reality Star and new fashion voice Toya Wright’s Instagram gallery reads like the new new of everything good good in fashion. It’s creating internet buzz and influencing fashionista’s to stop, look, memorize, shop, and repeat […]

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