R&B beauty Raiche shares how 1950s housewives inspired her hot new single

Some people are born for stardom and others are meant to appreciate it. Rising artist Raiche, who recently signed to GDE/Island Prolific/Atlantic Records, fits firmly into the former category, as she was touted as one of Billboard‘s “15 Hip-Hop & R&B Artists to Watch in 2021.” As she leaps into the New Year, Raiche does […]

Illegal cigarette sales booming in South Africa

A ban on the sale of cigarettes in South Africa since the country’s COVID-19-induced lockdown began in March has cost the economy millions of rands daily in the form of tax revenue lost to illicit sales of smokes, a variety of industry officials say. This comes after the South African government had banned the sale […]

Willow Smith feeling more productive since quitting marijuana

19-year-old Willow Smith hasn’t used marijuana for three months and her decision has prompted her to pursue a number of ambitions, including learning Spanish and doing yoga. She said: “I know this sounds cheesy, but around the time I stopped smoking, I started doing a lot of yoga and I just excelled because I was […]

Tasha Turner challenges the tobacco industry through awareness poem

Tasha “Sixfootah ThePoet” Turner is a Bay Area native and poet who commands the attention of audiences with her stature and moves spirits with her insightful poetry. Inspired by the iconic Maya Angelou, Turner uses her flow to address uncomfortable topics, like the dangers of menthol and tobacco. We spoke with Turner about an open […]

Man vapes and e-cigarette blows up, breaking his neck

There’s a new warning out regarding e-cigarettes after a man was critically injured. Cordero Caples, 29, was taking a break at work and went outside to vape when his e-cigarette exploded in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The explosion broke his neck, burned his mouth and knocked out teeth. He was rushed to the hospital and underwent […]

If you smoke, your baby will be gay or lesbian

Smoking and gay children Expectant mothers already know that smoking while pregnant is bad for the fetus, but now a scientist is claiming the baby of a mother who smokes has a greater chance of being gay or bisexual. This controversial claim is being made by Dick Swaab, a 69-year-old British neurobiology professor. Swaab believes […]

10 tips to keep you healthy

How often do you hear, eat healthy and exercise to live a healthier longer life? Probably every week as you flip through channels and again with your yearlyvisit physicals. While it seems like the perfect recipe for a healthy life, it’s not just those two items that you have to do to be healthy. Other […]

Rihanna lights up in Amsterdam

Just a few days after posting her “weed” cake while celebrating 4/20, bad gal Rihanna took to Twitter to show off what looks like two giant blunts in Amsterdam. The Bajan singer posted an array of smoking photos where she simply stated her feelings on marijuana, saying “#LegalizeIt.” Check it out here. – ruthie hawkins