Stars gather for online festival to combat hunger in Amazon rainforest

More than a million Brazilians have been diagnosed with COVID-19, many of them indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest. And to help them, a group of musicians and celebrities from around the world will come together for an online music festival. SOS Rainforest Live, organized by Rainforest Foundation Norway and Rainforest Foundation USA, will broadcast […]

Man with $60K of cocaine in his stomach bites airplane passenger and dies

John Kennedy dos Santos Gurjao, 24, was unable to find work in his home city of Calcoene, Brazil, and decided to move to the Equator city of Macapa for a better life. However, he soon found himself in a business that eventually led to his death. According to reports by the Irish Mirror, Gurjao was […]

Baby comes back to life in morgue hours after doctors pronounced her dead

A newborn baby in Quibdo, Colombia came back to life 10 hours after she was pronounced dead by doctors. According to the Spanish news outlet Semana. Jenny Hurtado gave birth to Milagros after only being 27 weeks pregnant. When doctors performed an emergency C-section on Hurtado, Milagros was born prematurely and didn’t show any signs […]