Staten Island woman who filmed Eric Garner’s death sues NYPD

Taisha Allen, 37, filmed the tragic death of Eric Garner and the NYPD allegedly did not like her very well. Allen states that she saw her friend being harassed by the police while he was on the way into a store. Allen then asked the cops why her friend was being stopped since he did nothing wrong. It […]

Eric Garner memorial destroyed on MLK Day

While many Americans were observing Martin Luther King Jr. Day, arsonists in Staten Island, New York, torched the memorial site of late resident Eric Garner, 43, who was choked to death by an NYPD officer for allegedly illegally selling cigarettes. Earlier in the day, hundreds gathered at the site to pay tribute to MLK. It […]

Why did this Staten Island man get different treatment by police over cigarettes?

The death of Eric Garner for selling loose cigarettes has riveted the nation. The incident was recorded on video and has been the subject of widespread protests throughout the country. But one Staten Island man caught with cigarettes did not suffer the same fate as Garner. Instead he was allowed to roam free and continue […]

Grand jury witness says Garner family was cheated

Ray Orta is the man that videotaped footage of Eric Garner being detained and placed in a chokehold that led to his death. This video has been a crucial piece of evidence and has been seen by millions across the globe. For many, it left no doubt that a grand jury should have little problem […]

Grand jury reaches decision in Eric Garner chokehold death

A Staten Island, New York, grand jury has refused to indict a white NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of an unarmed black man, Eric Garner. The incident occurred this past July when Garner was detained and placed in an illegal chokehold by Pantaleo for selling untaxed loose cigarettes. The entire incident was captured […]

Staten Island, New York, a dumping ground for abusive cops

It’s something that many people have suspected and now it has been proven by the New York Daily News. The NYPD has been using Staten Island as a dumping ground for bad cops. According to an article published by the newspaper, Staten Island has the highest number of most sued cops the city of New […]

Friends and Family React to Deaths of Staten Island Toddlers

The news of the deaths of toddlers Connor, 4, and Brandon Moore, 2, was really hard to digest. After their Staten Island, NY,  home lost power Monday evening during Superstorm Sandy, their mother Glenda attempted to drive them to a relative’s home in Brooklyn. A tidal surge overwhelmed the SUV, causing it  to stall. Mother and children escaped the […]

Black Woman’s Kids Drown During Superstorm Sandy, Neighbors Ignored Pleas

Staten Island resident Glenda Moore, 39, had a Sandy experience that is unimaginable. Her toddler sons, Connor, 4, and Brandon 2, were ripped from her arms by a torrent that flooded her stalled Ford Explorer. She ran to the homes of unneighborly neighbors for help. One told her: “I don’t know you. I’m not going […]

NYC Policeman Caught on Tape Saying ‘I Fried Another N—-R’

Michael Daragjati, an eight-year NYPD veteran was arrested by FBI agents and charged with gross civil rights violations for deliberately falsifying an arrest against a black man. Daragjati referred to the incident on a wiretapped call, saying that he had “fried another n—-,” officials said. Brooklyn, N.Y., federal prosecutors say that Daragjati, 32, stopped the man in […]