Is your love life only behind closed doors?

[jwplatform uoZbUBIu] Dr. Nicole returns with her ‘Straight Talk’ series to share what it may mean if you are with someone who only wants to love you behind closed doors.

Dr. Nicole gives more advice for handling a potential fling

[jwplatform lCz6s7ya] In our recurring “Straight Talk” series with Dr. Nicole, our in-house life coach continues to delve deeper into the warning signs of knowing whether your significant other is just a fling, or something greater.

Dr. Nicole gives straight talk when it comes to sexual flings

[jwplatform DOTzxpJG] In today’s “Straight Talk” segment with  Dr. Nicole, the accomplished life coach delves into an important way to determine if a person is in the middle of a fling, or on the verge of establishing a true relationship.