Chrisette Michele reveals miscarriage, suicidal thoughts

Things have been pretty quiet in the media for Chrisette Michele, ever since her scandal earlier this year regarding her performance at Trump’s inauguration. However, Michele is back in the news this weekend with some heartbreaking revelations, as she reveals that she’s been battling suicidal thoughts as well a miscarriage and major hit to her […]

Katy Perry opens up about suicidal thoughts

Katy Perry has typically been seen as the epitome of today’s happy-go-lucky, bubblegum pop landscape and most people just associate her with being a fun-loving girl. However, there is a real woman behind the pop persona and this weekend Perry showed that vulnerable side when she opened up during an on-air therapy session and talked […]

Chris Brown reveals he considered suicide

Chris Brown and Rihanna once had a hot romance. The two were nearly inseparable and they were winning hearts with their romance and dominating the charts with their strings of hit songs. However, it all came crashing down in 2009 when Brown was arrested for beating Rihanna the night of the Grammy awards. From that […]