Wale: Suited up for a meeting with the president, Beyoncé and Jay Z

Hip-hop’s future doesn’t seem to be waning in terms of popularity and artists contributing to the art form. It conveys the community’s emotions, its penchant for materialism and antics of social malice. Jay Z and Beyoncé are symbols of hip-hop royalty whose only transgression to some is their dismissal of higher education. Beyoncé isn’t a […]

Kanye West rants about Jay-Z, ‘Suit & Tie’, and sleeping with famous women

Kanye West knows how to capture an audience, and aside from his obvious musical talents, West’s rants garner nearly more attention than your typical rapper’s new release.  Touching on his negative feelings about business people and begging corporations for money, he also touched on his dislike for “Suit & Tie,” Jay-Z‘s new collaboration with Justin […]