African American Women Reclaim Power and Drive to Excel

I think about Black Girls Rock and the whole concept of the power behind the music and rock ‘n’ roll and the women entertainers who are the embodiment of current day womanhood, and think about those who have provided inspiration for generations to follow. And when I do,   rivulets of tears run from my eyes […]

72 Hours in Washington, D.C.

Venturing into the nation’s capitol on any ordinary occasion is special in and of itself. The District of Columbia is one of America’s most visited destinations. The monuments, the Capitol building, the Washington Monument that stretches its pointy head toward the skies and the White House draw millions of visitors every year. But this visit […]

Spike Lee Joins Chevrolet’s Table of Brotherhood Tour; Challenges Blacks to Get Education

Award-winning filmmaker Spike Lee hears Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 48-year-old call to action, conveyed in the “I Have a Dream Speech,” loud and clear. With more than 25 years of filmmaking experience, creating cinema that has spawned controversy, garnered critical acclaim and even conveyed pointed political messages, Lee has proven his insight and his […]