B. Scott and a list of other famous transgender celebrities

Yesterday, popular blogger B. Scott made headlines when he revealed that he is suing BET and Viacom for $2.5 million for gender identity discrimination because they forced him to wear men’s clothes at the 2013 BET Awards. Since rising to fame as a YouTube star years ago, B. Scott has always identified himself as an […]

13 famous transgender celebrities

DC Comics made history last week when they introduced the American comic worlds first openly transgender character, Alysia Yeoh, in the pages of Batgirl. Yeoh’s “coming out” story marks the latest point of progress in the rising prominence of transgender figures in the public spotlight and may pave the way for other fictional, transgender characters and real-life […]

‘Pregnant man’ denied divorce in Arizona

Maricopa County Family Court Judge Douglas Gerlach ruled last week that Thomas Beatie’s marriage could not be undone since Arizona does not recognize same-sex marriages. The couple married nine years ago in Hawaii. Beatie underwent a double-mastectomy, and began testosterone hormone therapy and psychological treatment to become a man, but he kept his female reproductive organs […]

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