Tea partyers aim to shame sexual assault survivors

The House Judiciary Committee debated legislation (H.R. 7) that could force survivors of sexual violence to recount their assaults to, not counselors or law enforcement, but to guess who? Internal Revenue Service agents. Representative Chris Smith, R-N.J., is sponsoring a bill that requires women who needed abortion care and are also survivors of sexual violence […]

Serena Williams blames Ohio victim for being raped

We all have our moments where keeping it real goes wrong and celebrities are no exception to that rule. Unfortunately for Serena Williams, things went terribly, terribly wrong during a recent interview with Rolling Stone when she kept it real about her opinion of the Steubenville rape case. During her interview with reporter Stephen Rodrick, […]

Gabrielle Union Bashes Todd Akin on ‘Rape’ Comments

Republican Missouri Congressman Todd Akin caused a firestorm of controversy last week when he made shocking comments about only some instances of rape being legitimate, drawing the ire of both GOP Candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. Now, actress Gabrielle Union, is weighing in on the subject and slamming Akin for his comments. The […]

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