Relationship coach Tracy McMillan says always pick your fiancé over your family

Engaged couple Will and Shae discuss their feelings with relationship coach Tracy McMillan after day one at the ‘Family or Fiancé’ estate. Tracy McMillan is an author, television writer, relationship expert, and the host of the OWN network’s hit series Family or Fiancé. The popular relationship series has been renewed for a second season and […]

Love expert Tracy McMillan gives tips for single ladies trying to secure a ring

A surplus of beautiful, professional, single women with a deficit of handsome, gainfully employed, available bachelors is a reality in most major cities. While many women are discouraged, thinking the odds are against them, relationship expert Tracy McMillan of OWN’s “SuperSoul Sunday” and “Family or Fiancé” says there are things women can do to increase […]

Tracy McMillan offers tough love to engaged couples on ‘Family or Fiancé’

OWN is gearing up for the second season of “Family or Fiance,” a weekend-long therapy session specifically designed for newly engaged couples and their families. Relationship therapist Tracy McMillan has been a long-time favorite of Oprah’s, appearing on “Super Soul Sunday” to discuss relationships and her personal struggles, including being divorced three times and yet. […]

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