White supremacist who found out he’s part black now targeted for racist graffiti

You can’t possibly make this stuff up. White supremacist Craig Cobb, the same man who wanted to create a “whites only” town in North Dakota but found out through DNA tests that he is partially black, is now being harassed by racist graffiti and taunts from other white supremacists. Incredible. You almost want to laugh […]

Racist who wanted to create ‘whites only’ town found out he is partially black

This is almost hilarious. A rabidly racist white man’s delusional quest to turn a small North Dakota town into an all-Caucasian enclave took an unexpected turn after a DNA test proved his bloodline included Sub-Saharan African lineage. Craig Cobb, 62, recently appeared on NBC Universal’s “The Trisha Goddard Show,” where he submitted himself to a […]