Anonymous calls for ‘National Day of Rage’

The “hacktivist” group Anonymous has called upon the citizens of the United States to engage in a ‘National Day of Rage’ for today, Thursday, Aug. 21, over the killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown. The glossy video includes well edited footage of the Ferguson, Missouri, riots, foreboding music and a digitized voice. The group has listed […]

Eric Holder calls Ferguson visit ‘deeply personal’

In an unprecedented move by an attorney general, Eric Holder visited the embattled city of Ferguson, Missouri, Wednesday. Holder described his decision to visit and initiate an investigation into the killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown as “deeply personal.” Holder went on to state to media, “I am the Attorney General of the United States, […]

Ferguson police officer involved in Michael Brown shooting named; facts about the officer

The name of the St. Louis County police officer responsible for the fatal shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown has been revealed. Ferguson, Missouri, police Chief Thomas Jackson released his name during a live press conference. He didn’t share much information about the officer, whose name is Darren Wilson. Just before the shooting, Wilson responded to a […]