Michael Jordan’s son Jeffrey arrested for alleged aggravated assault

Jeffrey Jordan, the son of Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan, got into some trouble over the past weekend and is facing aggravated assault charges. The 32-year-old Jordan reportedly struck a health care worker at a Scottsdale, Arizona, hospital on Friday, Sept 24. According to police reports, Jeffrey Jordan previously suffered a head injury earlier that […]

CEO Christianna Hurt helps people become 6-figure earners with digital platform

Christianna Hurt is the CEO of WealthyCollegeKid, a digital education platform that teaches people how to make a passive income online through a variety of courses. The 25-year-old, who is currently a student at the University of Central Florida, started her brand in 2016 after being fired. Since then her grit has helped her to […]

Did cop overreact or is she just an angry black woman?

In another episode of cops gone wild, college student Victoria King was subjected to a harrowing traffic stop. Because she did not roll down her window all the way, the officer escalated the confrontation from a simple ticket to full arrest. You be the judge. Should this University of Central Florida student have just listened […]