420 Day: Dab safer, cleaner and easier with a Dipper by Dipstick Vapes

A very popular and powerful form of marijuana that many enjoy is called dab. When a person is using dab they are said to be dabbing. The high is powerful and intense and is not for the casual marijuana smoker. Dabbing has been popular on the West Coast since the ’90s and more people are […]

Wax trying to give rap universal appeal with new album, ‘Livin’ Foul’

No longer signed to Def Jam Recordings, Los Angeles-based rapper Wax has steadily been on his independent grind largely due to his expansive Internet fan base. The former MacGregor frontman’s latest opus, Livin Foul, is everything one could hope for and more. Let’s hop right into this brand-new album, Livin Foul. Conceptually, what does this title […]

Warning: Marijuana called ‘wax’ posing new danger

There is a new marijuana product hitting the streets of America and it comes with a serious health warning. The product’s street name is  Wax, Butter or Honeycomb and it looks and feels like a lip balm. Wax is also known as Butane Hash Oil or BH) and is sold in Colorado marijuana shops, where it is very […]