‘When the Reckoning Comes’ captures the horrors of a plantation wedding

The story begins in a small, segregated, Southern town called Kipsen. Mira is friends with Jesse, her secret love, and Celine, who disgraced their town by being the only White girl with Black friends. Stories flood their ears of the eerie Woodsman Plantation, saying the souls of the tortured slaves haunt the land. One day, […]

‘When the Reckoning Comes’ by LaTanya McQueen

When the Reckoning Comes , LaTanya McQueen, is a haunting novel about a black woman who returns to her hometown for a plantation wedding and the horror that ensues as she reconnects with the blood-soaked history of the land and the best friends she left behind.

Book of the Month: ‘When the Reckoning Comes,’ by LaTanya McQueen

More than a decade ago, Mira fled her small, segregated hometown in the south to forget. With every mile she traveled, she distanced herself from her past: from her best friend Celine, mocked by their town as the only white girl with black friends; from her old neighborhood; from the eerie Woodsman plantation rumored to […]