Doctors in Kenya uncover mass sterilization plot by UN agency

The secret sterilization of Africans has been the source of conspiracy theories for decades. However, this time, according to the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, it’s true. The organization alleges that millions of Kenyan women and girls have been given a tetanus shot, sponsored by the United Nations, which can cause miscarriages. The inoculations were part […]

Nigeria declared Ebola free

It seems that when combating the deadly Ebola virus the world can now look to Nigeria for solutions. On Monday, the government of Nigeria announced that the country has stopped the outbreak of the Ebola virus that is spreading throughout West Africa. The World Health Organization has called Nigeria’s achievement a “spectacular success story.” World Health […]

World Health Organization predicts 1 million Ebola cases by 2015

The Ebola epidemic that has struck West Africa shows no sign of abating. The number of cases and dead victims continue to rise to unprecedented levels with no end in sight. The World Health Organization has announced that there are no longer any experimental vaccines available for Ebola. The global supply has been exhausted and […]

Is Ebola virus mutating? 3rd strain in Congo

As the Ebola virus rages in West Africa, the World Health Organization has confirmed that there are newly identified cases of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The new strain is genetically unrelated to the one that is currently in Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria. In addition, the World Health Organization released the […]

Are you experienced? The 25 greatest classic rock albums

The classic rock era represents what many fans (specifically Baby Boomers) consider the peak of rock music’s artistic ambition and commercial clout. Rock artists were breaking new ground constantly, from the Beatles and Bob Dylan in the late 60s to Pink Floyd and Zeppelin in the mid-70s.

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