TAG Brand Manager, Hamilton Brown, on Setting Goals and Staying Focused

 brand manager of TAG

Hamilton Brown, brand manager of TAG, is busy. He’s on the set of Ludacris’ Tag photo shoot in Atlanta, and things are running smoothly. As the go-to executive behind the scenes, Brown appreciates the power of reaching the urban market.

“TAG is a very unique brand because it’s the first brand from a large company that is really going to be targeting urban consumers in a way that is true and authentic,” says Brown, who holds an MBA and an engineering degree.

Currently, Brown says he works about 12 to 14 hours a day, and is responsible for making sure the product that is sold in stores is selling, and the company is meeting specified numbers and targets.

“The fun part of my job is really creating the advertising and equity campaigns that get people excited about buying our products,” he says.

Hamilton says there are a few things that anyone in his field can do to achieve and maintain success.

1. Be good at what you do.
“Being good at whatever you do is very important. The brand touches a lot of folks, from sales people to marketing, to research scientists and product development specialists. It’s important to be good at what you do.”

2. Set a goal.
“Setting a goal and staying focused on that goal is an important key to success.”

3. Be true to who you are.
“Do that and you can be successful in anything that you do.”

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