Gucci Mane spent the first days of 2011 in a mental institution after avoiding jail by filing a plea that claimed he was “unable to go forward and/or intelligently participate in the probation revocation hearing.”

He was released from the facility this week and decided to stop by Tenth Street Tattoo shop in Atlanta to get a new tattoo. One of the shop’s artists posted a picture of Gucci Mane’s new tattoo on Twitter. 

Located on Gucci Mane’s face, the tattoo features three scoops of ice cream that sits on top of an ice cream cone that has the word “brrr” scribbled across the top of the cone. Three red lighting bolts surround the ice cream cone.

Although some speculated that Gucci Mane filed the “mentally incompetent” plea to avoid prison, his latest tattoo proves that he is really dealing with deep psychological issues.

If Gucci Mane doesn’t receive help and get rid of his enablers, his health, career and livelihood might go down the tubes. –a.r.

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