Drake Fires Back at NY Power 105.1 Host Charlemagne for Gay Diss

Young Money star Drake is following in labelmate Nicki Minaj’s footsteps and taking revenge against one of his critic, New York’s Power 105.1’s Charlemagne Tha God over what he considered to be gay disses from the radio host.

“Turn on Power 105 and hear some nerd telling them that I’m gay or they have pictures of me or this light-skinned girl is dropping a song today, his name is Drake,” explained Drake during a radio interview with Tim Westwood in London. “That to me is like, why, man? Like for what? To me you’re a real f—— loser. Sorry.”

Charlemagne responded, explaining that he’s never called Drake gay but admitting to other disses against the rapper.

“I never called Drake gay, but I did say that he displays suspect behavior,” said Charlemagne. “… I called him a pretty albino girl. [There’s] a difference.”

Charlemagne then proceeded to run through a list of audio clips of Drake’s supposed infatuation with Lil Wayne and Trey Songz, attempting to support his assertion of suspect behavior.

The radio host also took jabs at Drake over his persona, his comments on the Jay-Z and Kanye collaboration album and the recent shirtless picture of him that has leaked, vehemently dissing Drake’s physique.

“You better go do some crunches or something. Get on a low carb diet,” said Charlemagne. “Nah, nah, nah, I know what you need. You need a shake weight. Go get a shake weight, crybaby.”

Not instigating or anything, but Daaaaaamn!

How long can this feud last without bridges being permanenly burned or, even worse, things turning violent? It’ not like there isn’t precedent for such behavior. –nicholas robinson

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