Bill Cosby has been sticking his needle squarely in the center of many victims lately. First there was the alleged bump and profane stream of consciousness directed at fellow mogul Russell Simmons.

At the National Action Network recently, the venerated humorist took several hard swipes at black Christians’ deafening silence and idleness while a typhoon of crime and degradation wreaks havoc in our communities.

On the “Today” show, Cosby came on to discuss the work he’s doing to help kids in Connecticut schools stay on the straight-and-narrow path, but conversation shifted quickly to politics, and Donald Trump in particular.

“Oh please with Donald Trump, take him home with you,” Cosby said to “Today” host Meredith Vieira after she interviewed the real estate mogul about his much-discussed potential run for the White House.

Vieira asked Trump a host of questions regarding a run for president, his thoughts on Obama, and whether or not he saw himself as a tea party member — to which Trump replied, “I think so.”

Cosby didn’t try to hide his contempt for the creator of “The Apprentice” franchise when Vieira pressed him a little further on his thoughts about Trump.

“He’s full of it,” Cosby said. “Based on what I just heard. You kept asking him, ‘Are you gonna run, are you gonna run?’ He jumped. Either you run or you shut up.”

“The only thing he’s running is his mouth,” Cosby barked.

Cosby has come under considerable fire the past few years for the manner in which he has leveled heavy criticisms of groups and individuals. But lost in the furor is the fact that Cosby has raised valid points. Trump, in particular, is deserving of such vituperative responses for raising President Obama’s birth origins long after it had died down. Cosby has rightfully asked his own people to shoulder responsibility for themselves and their children. And Cosby has been right on point when he blasted religious leaders’ deafening silence amid a multiplicity of social ills that are decimating the ranks of young African Americans, particularly males.

We should stop dissecting how Cosby comes across and begin to analyze the points he is raising and then act accordingly.

terry shropshire

Terry Shropshire

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