Sister Souljah: ‘Midnight and the Meaning of Love’

My prediction is that Sister Souljah has crafted another New York Times bestseller with Midnight and the Meaning of Love.  To what extreme would you go for true love?  Would you love someone who can’t verbally communicate because they don’t speak your language?  Would you try to rescue that person if they were kidnapped and taken against their will to a foreign country? This is the premise of the novel, and it is told from the point of the view of the African-born, devout Muslim, street-smart Midnight for whom it is titled.

The sequel picks up where the last book left off. Midnight heads to Japan to get his Asian wife, Akemi, after her father took her back to their native land with no warning. He travels across three countries and numerous cultures in his attempt to defeat his opponent. Midnight and the Meaning of Love is a must-read, and you will not be disappointed.  In fact, after reading it, you may want to reexamine what love means to you and what you are willing to do for love. Rolling out sat with Sister Souljah recently and asked her a few questions. –martin pratt

How do you write a compelling novel?

Compelling writing has to have several different layers, great characters and good dialogue.  That is how you create a story that is great.

Where do you go for your peace and relaxation?

I have created a sanctuary in my home for myself.

What can reading a Sister Souljah book do for you?

Reading a book can change you and teach you something.  With my book, you will definitely change your life, thoughts, your level of understanding and tolerance of foolishness.

What can a parent do to raise a child like Midnight?

Constant preparation of the mind, joining the right organizations, extracurricular  activities …  all can lead to building a strong young person.

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