While the rest of the world enjoyed their weekend, Chris Brown got a new tattoo and wanted everyone to see it. Brown’s girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, tweeted a photo of the fresh ink, which is located on the singer’s upper back. The photo was viewed over 15,000 times since being posted on Tran’s Twitter, Friday (June 3) and now has almost 19,000 views.

Brown has not yet explained the inspiration behind his latest tattoo but the new artwork may be a symbol of how he feels about his career. Two years after his assault on Rihanna left him riddled with negative press and attempting to return to the public’s good graces, the tide seems to finally be changing. I don’t know about you , but I feel that Team C-breezy wants  some attention, especially since all the obscene video controversy surrounding his ex-rude gal (girlfriend) Rihanna has been getting a lot of press. “Look at me, I’m C-Breezy and I’m an evil clown laughing at you haters on the inside?”… OK, so I’m not the best at tattoo interpretations but I got a feeling that this one has some weird , ulterior motive attached to it — not to mention it’s  just point blank creepy . In the mean time, try and decipher and unlock his demonic, clown tattoo mystery while I go read a few scriptures out of the Bible.