Oprah Winfrey announced earlier this month that she would be acting as CEO of her network, OWN, following much controversy in regards to who would be resuming the position. Christina Norman, former President of MTV, was fired from the position earlier this year due to the network’s record low ratings. The Queen of Daytime Television decided to joke around and tweeted a photo of herself with the following caption:

“Here I am “CEO-ing” in my new office at OWN in LA!!”

The New York Times previously reported on Oprah’s new position within the network, saying:

“She will also take the title chief creative officer, which was originally held by Lisa Erspamer, one of her top lieutenants. And she will remain the chairman of OWN, which is a joint venture between Harpo and Discovery Communications.

“Ms. Winfrey’s consolidation

of power suggests that she will be much more involved in the day-to-day decisions of the channel — something that executives at Discovery and television critics have appealed for.”

Oprah’s seriously got jokes! Sooo, where’s the REAL office, Oprah?!