A Group of Women Sought by Zimbabwean Police for Raping Men

The Daily Nation is reporting that a group of women in Zimbabwe are drugging and raping male victims, sometimes collecting their semen. The motive for the attacks is not known, but authorities speculate that some kind of ritual may be involved.

“The women drive in posh cars and offer their unsuspecting victims lifts before spraying some liquid substance on their faces,” said Harare police boss Angeline Guvamombe. “Once the victim is drowsy, he is taken to a secluded place or house where he is forced to have sex.

In some cases, the women have been helped by armed men. In one incident, a 30-year-old man was kidnapped and forced to have sex with three women for five days.

The rapes began over a year ago with no arrests, but Guvamombe says, “I want to warn these criminals that their days are numbered.”

In Zimbabwe the law does not permit charging women with rape. When they are apprehended, the women will face the lesser charge of “indecent assault.”


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