Tupac Shakur’s Sex Tape Will Provoke Lawsuit if Sold

Tupac Shakur continues to make news headlines 16 years after his death. According to recent reports, several porn companies are in the process of bidding on a sex tape that features Shakur. The owner of YouPorn.com revealed that he offered $150,000 for the tape that was filmed at a party in 1991, but the current owner of the tape is holding out for more money.

However, if Shakur’s mother, Afeni Shakur, has her way, the sex tape will never surface. Afeni Shakur is preparing to sue any person or company who sells that sex tape.

She insists that any use of Tupac Shakur’s image for commercial purposes must be approved by Tupac Shakur’s estate. Lawyers who are working on behalf of the estate are currently searching for the person who is attempting to sell the tape. They are speculating that the woman who is performing oral sex on Shakur on the tape is involved in some fashion.

Although Shakur’s body of work probably won’t be tarnished if the sex tape is leaked, it’s still another example of how video cameras and sex can be a dangerous combination for individuals who are seeking to uphold a certain image. –amir shaw

A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

A.R. Shaw is an author and journalist who documents culture, politics, and entertainment. He has covered The Obama White House, the summer Olympics in London, and currently serves as Lifestyle Editor for Rolling Out magazine. Follow his journey on Twitter @arshaw and Instagram @arshaw23.

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