Melanie Fiona Discusses Signs of Cheating, How to Get Over Heartbreak and What She Finds Sexy in a Man

Melanie Fiona often sings about the ups and downs of relationships. On her latest single “4 AM,” Fiona describes a the hurt of woman who suspects that her man is cheating because she doesn’t know where he is during the wee hours of the morning. After a recent cover shoot with rolling out, Fiona gave her thoughts on cheating, getting over a broken heart and what she finds sexy in a man. –amir shaw

You speak about cheating in your new single “4 AM.” What are signs that your significant other may be cheating?

I’ve been in situations where I have been cheated on and I haven’t been cheated on. Sometimes the signs are the same. It’s usually a disconnect. When you realize there is a lack of communication with someone, you have to work hard to get that back. There was a time when I wanted to dig for dirt. But I learned to use my instincts instead of insecurities. If I don’t feel right, I realize that it may not be working. There shouldn’t be any secrets. If there are any dark areas in your relationship, it’s never a good sign.

How do you get over a broken heart?

There is no formula with dealing with a broken heart. As a woman who wants to be  loved, I think men don’t realize the emotional scars that can occur. Once we have given you that side of us, it’s very difficult and can scar us. Unfortunately, I see women who aren’t able to have the scar and move on from it. The best way is to feel the emotions. Cry and express it. You will find that you are not the only one who is dealing with it. A lot of times, we want to be respected and we are afraid to show that we have been hurt. You have to express it and learn from it. We’re not going to always make the right decisions. We will be foolish and blinded by love. That’s a part of it. I encourage girls to be honest. If you have to cry, do it. But you have to get up and find out who you are. I’ve become a better women to be with a better man by being alone and getting in touch with myself.

What do you find sexy about men?

Confidence, not conceit. I’m very turned off by an arrogant man. I love humility and humor. I love charm. I’m attracted to guys who have great relationships with great people. My mother would always tell me that if you can show me your company, I can tell you who you are. A guy can show me one side of himself, but it’s important to see how his friends and family treats and respects him. Quiet confidence is also attractive.

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