Sheree Whitfield of  “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” after a long and exhaustive search, has finally found a man who is not “intimidated” by her “success.”

The word “success” is relative because Whitfield has never constructed a modern definition of the word nor has she produced any verifiable evidence of this individual success.

In any event, while she finishes putting her DNA on a disastrous child-support payment court proceeding with ex-husband, former NFL star Bob Whitfield, Sheree has been seen creeping along Atlantic Station in Midtown Atlanta on a love quest.

An inside source has informed rolling out that Sheree has been seeing Kermit Quinn of the band JukeBox.

For Atliens, the name Kermit Quinn rings a bell. He is the former member of Teddy Riley’s group Blackstreet that cranked up a lot of R&B noise in the 1990s.

We know one thing: having experienced success on his own in the entertainment business, we doubt that Quinn will get intimidated by Sheree’s success.

terry shropshire 

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