Sheree Whitfield of ‘Real Housewives’ Has Found a New Man; You’ll Never Guess Who It Is

Sheree Whitfield of  “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” after a long and exhaustive search, has finally found a man who is not “intimidated” by her “success.”

The word “success” is relative because Whitfield has never constructed a modern definition of the word nor has she produced any verifiable evidence of this individual success.

In any event, while she finishes putting her DNA on a disastrous child-support payment court proceeding with ex-husband, former NFL star Bob Whitfield, Sheree has been seen creeping along Atlantic Station in Midtown Atlanta on a love quest.

An inside source has informed rolling out that Sheree has been seeing Kermit Quinn of the band JukeBox.

For Atliens, the name Kermit Quinn rings a bell. He is the former member of Teddy Riley’s group Blackstreet that cranked up a lot of R&B noise in the 1990s.

We know one thing: having experienced success on his own in the entertainment business, we doubt that Quinn will get intimidated by Sheree’s success.

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  1. And why are we still entertaining these women again?

    The only one’s who have proven themselves successful are Kandi (Award-Winning Artist, Songwriter), Cynthia (Model) and Phaedra (Attorney). Sheree was a baller’s wife who had babies, got had and left with nothing, NeNe was broke down and lucked up on success because of the show, so thank God for Greg (contrary to popular belief) and Kim was a mistress who was simply getting it on to go along.
    However, one can only assume that the success to which they speak off is the Real Housewives franchise because no one would even  know bottom three if not for ignorance on Bravo TV. And no I’m not hating. You can’t knock their hustle. Its an honest living and they obviously make a decent amount of money to keep up the charades. And kudos to those who were (Lisa Wu) and are (Kandi, Cynthia, Phaedra and NeNe) using their opportunities to their advantage.


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