Beyoncé Talks Christmas Shopping for Baby: 8 Other Lavish Celeb Gifts

With Christmas just a few days away, many folks around the world are doing some last-minute holiday shopping for their loved ones. And just like the rest of us, celebs are doing the same, namely, superstar singer Beyoncé. In a recent interview, Beyoncé talked about her holiday shopping for her baby with husband, Jay-Z, and her plans for the holidays.

While out shopping at Curye in New York City, Beyoncé chatted a bit about her holiday shopping and how she and Jay-Z are splurging on gifts for the baby.

“I can’t say, it has to be a surprise! Seriously, though, we both keep seeing super-cute stuff for the baby, so I am sure even our presents for each other will involve the baby in some way!” Beyoncé explained happily.

According to Bey, her BFF, Kelly Rowland, is also getting in on the baby gift excitement. “Also Kelly [Rowland] has been so busy buying gifts for the baby, I think she might forget to buy for me this year! She is always seeing cute gifts for the baby in London.”

As for the actual holiday, Beyoncé says that she simply plans to spend Christmas with her loved ones.

“I will be with family,” said Beyoncé. “We are both so busy throughout the year that Christmas is just a time to relax with family and count the many blessings in your life. Christmas Day is a no-TV zone. We just like to sit and talk together as a family.”

Well, we’re sure whatever gifts Bey, Jay or Rowland gets the baby, they will be nothing short of the most luxurious gifts a celebrity baby has ever seen. Here are eight other celebs who have taken gifting to the highest level. Check them out below. –nicholas robinson


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  • Drizzle
    December 24, 2011

    I cant wait till Beyonce see the baby. She’s gone be hiding it just like she did her wedding and the fact that she was with Jay-Z

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